Almond Mylk



Honey/Maple/Coconut Sugar/Stevia/Dates


Nut milks are quite flexible and wonderful on their own or used in recipes. Homemade fresh “nutmylks,” made from soaked and/or sprouted nuts, are infinitely superior in taste and nutrition to packaged, factory-made milks.

First it is ideal to soak the almonds with fresh water and a pinch of seasalt for 8 hours, or overnight. This soaking neutralizes the compounds in nuts which can make them more difficult to digest, and also makes the nutrients in nuts more bio-available. When making nutmylk simply rinse the nuts in clean water after soaking, then place the wet nuts in the blender with water. The amounts can vary according to how rich you like your mylk- a good starting point is a 1 part nuts to 4 parts water, although a richer mylk is definitely yummy…

If you like your milk plain or intend to use it to cook non-sweet dishes, you can make it with only those two ingredients or even add a pinch of Celtic sea salt. If you want to drink it alone or make dessert it is nice to add a bit of the sweetener and spices of your choice- a spoonful of honey and a dash of cinnamon are a good option.

Simply blend all ingredients on high until the nuts are finely ground, then strain through some layers of cheesecloth or a nutmylk bag, and enjoy.

The leftover nut pulp can be reserved to make dehydrated raw crackers, and will keep in the freezer.


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