Changes in the Nature of Yogi Food

Dear Friends of Yogi Food;

After considerable deliberation, I have decided that Yogi Food will not be necessarily vegan anymore. I am experimenting with conscious omnivorism as I really believe it is what my body needs to heal from what ails me. I no longer eat a vegan diet , and although the principles of ahimsa are dear to me, I can no longer promote one.

This is not to say that most of the forthcoming recipes will contain animal products; they will not. But I want to approach this blog, the aim of which is not only to provide recipes but to share information and promote healthy eating and awareness, from a different, more holistic angle. This includes more discussion of a variety of dietary paradigms and practices, and how they fit in to a yogic lifestyle. I will also include new types of recipes, which may include animal foods such as ghee, butter, honey, or eggs. As always, all ingredients are organic, superlatively healthful, and consciously chosen.

So I hope my readers will enjoy the new Yogi Food, and if any true vegans out there no longer wish to subscribe, I’m sorry to see you go, and wish you the best.




Somedays the perfect yogi breakfast is liquid. Today the best possible food for me is spirulina. Just spirulina, and water.Image

My body was craving blue-green algae, so I took a lot.


Stir 2-3 Tablespoons of spirulina into a quart of fresh, cool water. Then pound it!

I used Healthforce Nutritionals Spirulina Manna, which is outstanding. Its blue-green color looks like saturated pure pigment, and the taste is nutty and pleasant.


Spirulina is a complete protein which digests easily and provides all 8 essential amino acids. It is rich in beneficial fatty acids such as DHA and GLA, which it is especially important for vegans to supplement. Although spirulina is not really a supplement, but a whole food (algae) which provides a vast array of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. It is exceptionally nourishing, but also suitable for people who are cleansing. Really, the benefits of this blue-green algae are too numerous to name!

This drink is perfect when you practice yoga later in the day, as it satisfies and provides clean energy without filling you up or weighing you down. Speaking of which, I’m off to class!


Fresh Turmeric Cooler

chocolate turmeric 003

This is my new favorite thing. Turmeric is a wonderland of goodness; it’s health benefits are innumerable and great, and it tastes awesome too. For yogis tumeric is especially important because it soothes and reduces inflammation in the joints. This easy-to-make, brightly-colored drink is hydrating, refreshing, and a total immune system booster.

If you are lucky to be able to find fresh tumeric root at your local market, stock up! You can also add a little bit of the grated root to soups, grains, salads, on top of your steamed vegetables, et cetera.


This drink also includes lemon, which is a revered detoxifier and alkalizer.  Prefering to use the whole food rather than the juice, just use a sharp knife to cut off the rind, and throw the chunk of lemon in. In this way you also consume some of the white pith, which is where much of the vitamins are. Use the rind for zest, but only if your lemon is truly organic.

chocolate turmeric 018


2 cups fresh, cold, filtered water

1/2  lemon, peeled

1″ piece of fresh turmeric root, peeled OR substitute 1 teaspoon powdered dried turmeric

1-2 Tbsp honey or maple syrup

Optional: small chunk of peeled fresh gingerroot, pinch of cayenne pepper


Simply put all the ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend on high for about 10 seconds. Enjoy!

chocolate turmeric 025