What I Ate- Kimchee Rice Bowl


Simple, filling, and healthy- these essential qualities apply to my lunch today.

First, throw some brown rice in the rice cooker and forget about it for an hour. I used short grain brown rice because that is what I had, but next time I will use brown basmati.

When the rice is ready, start to steam some broccoli florets in a half-inch of filtered water, for 5 minutes or thereabouts. Chop up some cilantro, and if you like some green onions, radish, or leafy greens. Put it all in a bowl.

I like to keep a few different kinds of cultured vegetables on hand. Today I went for the spicy kimchi, but other options could be mixtures based on beets, carrots, krauts, or even tomato-based salsas. It’s up to you. You can make your own (instructions elsewhere on this blog) or purchase a variety of awesome krauts from the local health-food store or farmer’s market.

Top your bowl with at least a couple of tablespoons of your cultured veggies of choice. If you want some added fat, add a slice or two of ripe avocado, or a spinkle of sesame seeds.



The Transition to Plant-Based

Hello Everyone,

This post is to announce a new direction for Yogi Food. Henceforth, this page will be all about a plant-based vegan diet for yogis and athletes.

Yogi Food began as a response to multiple requests that I write a cookbook that I received while I was a chef at beautiful Purple Valley Yoga Retreat in Goa, India, where I went to practice Ashtanga yoga with several of the foremost teachers in the world. My role was to create and prepare delightful vegetarian buffets with a variety of colorful, healthful dishes, to satisfy groups of international yogis. My buffets included everything from soups to salads, main entrees, side dishes, and desserts. I preferred to cook vegan and gluten-free foods, as well as many raw and super-foods. The cookbook and blog Yogi Food contain many recipes that were big hits at the retreat, made from the basic ingredients that were readily available in India, and theoretically, almost anywhere. There were a number of sweets, baked goods, gourmet raw foods, and soy products….most of which will be more or less omitted from now on.

This new version of Yogi Food will focus specifically on a plant-based vegan lifestyle; that is, incorporating a High Carb Low Fat (HCLF), whole foods diet into a daily life which includes an active yoga practice, as well as other forms of athleticism, holistic well-being, and productivity.

Although I have explored and practiced multiple food philosophies, my complete and final long-term dedication to this kind of strict, ahimsa-inspired diet is somewhat recent. Therefore, this website will be an exploratory journey for me as well as for the reader.

I hope you enjoy my photography as well as the recipes, and may your plant-based vegan foods nourish you in wonderful, vital health.